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AI Marketing Courses
AI Marketing Courses
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That Salesforce did a global marketing survey and in their August 2023 State of Marketing-8th Edition showed the performance gap between businesses adopting AI against those that were not.

The high performers, the difference was as much as 40%!

Where does your business sit?

Not where you'd like it be? Take a look at DMA's AI Marketing Course options to help you level up!

Salesforce - State of Marketing 8th Edition August 2023

AI Marketing Courses

Discover DMA's AI marketing courses designed specifically for the New Zealand tourism and hospitality industry. Learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to enhance your marketing strategies and drive better results.

Here's why may be interested:

  • Save Money: Cut unnecessary outsourcing costs (designer, programmer & copy writing fees) with smart AI strategies or be the one they come to for the help!

  • Save Time: Get quicker relevant and optimized results specific to your tourism business.

  • Increase Staff Productivity & Efficiency: Let AI handle the heavy lifting whilst seriously upskilling yourself or your staff

  • Get the Edge on Your Competitors: Stay one step ahead of the game with AI.

  • Boost Your Bottom Line: Better AI strategies, Apps & AI adoption lead to better profits!

    Find out what AI Marketing Course Options are on offer now - you may even qualify for funding!

Learning AI Marketing with DMA
Learning AI Marketing with DMA

AI Marketing Services

DMA has been a provider to the NZ tourism & hospitality sectors for over 20 years. Specializing in Digital/Social Media Marketing Reviews, Competitor Analysis, and Social Media Campaign Strategies, we're the go-to AI Agency that gives your business the edge over others, taking you to a whole new level.

THE Digital Marketing Agency is proudly backed by the Regional Business Partner Network of New Zealand. DMA not only offer's advice but also hands-on services. A number of flexible payment packages make working feasible for any tourism business / small business.

Check out what DMA can help you with!

AI Marketing Presentations New Zealand
AI Marketing Presentations New Zealand

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Whether you're here for our free e-newsletter filled with the latest AI buzz for New Zealand's tourism scene or ready to dive deeper with our exclusive, paid DMA's - AI Marketing Club (for tourism & SMEs'), there's a seat for everyone. Want insider AI trends, actionable tips/quick trainings, industry speaker's, discounts on relevant ai work shops, and the real nitty-gritty on what's hot (and what's not) in AI for your small business or tourism operation?

Then you're in the right place!


THE Digital Marketing Agency is passionate about helping businesses in the tourism and hospitality industry harness the power of artificial intelligence to stay ahead of the game whilst reducing costs and drastically upskilling their staff.

With the AI marketing courses on offer you can get you/your team on the ground running straight away.

There are also membership options to keep you abreast of what is coming out and relevant just to travel and small businesses with actual 'news you can use'!

If you require professional ai marketing services - get the job done quicker and more cost-effectively with DMA.

DMA empowers people just like you to leverage the latest technologies and strategies to achieve your Ai marketing goals - quickly, easily and without going into overwhelm.

Fancy a chat? It cost's nothing to do so - connect with DMA here!

Artificial Intelligence Marketing Training for the New Zealand Tourism, Hospitality & SME Industries

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